Content Moderation Practices

Content moderation practices include creating content moderation guidelines, uplifting content moderation policies, and conducting content moderation training. Content moderators work for companies such as content hosting services and social media platforms who receive user generated content (UGC) such as photos, videos and text posts. Effective content moderation practices can significantly impact content creation, content discovery, content sharing, and content availability. Ensuring that the content flowing in and out of your website provides a better experience for your loyal audience.


Content moderation guidelines include content which content moderators are typically expected to remove from content sharing sites. These content moderation guidelines vary by company and content hosting service, but may include removing content containing nudity, sexually explicit content, misleading or deceptive content, content that targets minors or other at-risk individuals. Once these guidelines have been established it is important to take measure to uplift them and preserve them, ensuring that each user on your platform adheres to your guidelines.