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Janac would like to thank all the retailers who have expressed their satisfaction with Janac products and our exceptional customer service.

We have been dealing with Janac Mastectomy Wear since May 2007 and have always found Janet and her staff to be helpful and considerate when dealing with our customer service needs. Her products are well made and are being very well received by my customers. She is always open to new ideas and listens to the customers’ needs. We are looking forward to the new Janac products that she is working on. We are happy and excited to watch Janac grow and wish Janet continued success.

Mancie, Owner
700 University Ave,
Toronto, ON M5G 1X6

Awesome, many thanks.
The last Been-A-Boob I sold was headed to Obamas swearing in. The customer was filming a documentary with some African Americans who have settled in Toronto …so your Been-A-Boob is with Obama today!
Take Care,
Bridget/ My Left Breast, January 2009  

Dear Janet

It gives me great pleasure to share with you my recent experiences using your product, Been-A-Boob®. I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to it. I have just returned from vacation in Cuba which was made even better because of the freedom I experienced swimming and sunbathing with the Been-A-Boob®. It always remained natural, light-weight, comfortable and fast-drying.

I just know that it will be a great success for you as not only myself but many of my clients are using your products of which I receive accolades on a regular basis.

Thank you.

Heidi Werosta, Owner

As a retailer of the "Been A Boob" I would like to let you know how the ladies "feel" about them!

I have several ladies who are literaly astounded by your product. They are so amazed at the weight of them. They tell me they are the most lightest and most comfortable prothesis they have ever had! I do various bra shows, and I have the ladies try on a prothesis and everyone of them ends up purchasing one. I even have had a couple ladies give me their old prothesis to throw them away, because they didn't want to see them ever again!

Another great point is the selling price. Other companies charge, it seems, an arm and a leg. I feel so good to tell the ladies that it won't "cost you an arm and a leg....it already cost you your breast! How much more do you need to pay?" They are pretty delighted to find out your product is so affordable.

I am proud and so very happy to be able to bring a quality product like yours to so many "quality" women! I love giving the ladies a chance to look and feel the best they can, and you, Janet, are a huge, major part of that!

From all of them, and myself, I say thank you!

Laurie Ingram
Essex, Ontario

"Marianne's has had a close relationship with Janac Sportswear since 2003. The Been-A-Boob® is a comfortable, affordable prosthesis and has become a very popular item in our store. The Been-A-Boob® appeals to women because it is lightweight and comfortable. An additional benefit of the product is that it can be worn in a bathing suit, or while exercising. Janac Sportswear is a reliable, enthusiastic company, and we look forward to doing more business with them in the future."

Kathy (Marianne's Inc. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
February 2007

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