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Our products are endorsed by Brant Arts dispensary, Shoppers Home Health Care, Pharmasave

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Check with your Provincial Healthcare to see if the cost of the Been-A-Boob® breast prosthesis/ breast form is covered. You may be entitled to one prosthesis every two or three years regardless of manufacturer. In other words, it doesn’t have to be made of silicone.

The Been-A-Boob® can be worn daily and for all activities therefore it is considered a permanent prosthesis as opposed to a temporary one, such as a swim form.

Some Provinces may have restrictions as to where you purchase your prosthesis, for example, British Columbia states that you must purchase within the province to make a claim.

When purchasing on-line, please state that you are going to make a claim to either your Insurance company or the Province and we will invoice you accordingly. (With more details regarding the prosthesis)

The Been-A-Boob® is currently covered by Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and Quebec. Check your private insurance for coverage.

Newfoundland Assisted Services covers the Been-A-Boob® for low income and the uninsured. Private insurance companies will cover the cost depending on the plan.

US retailers-claim the BAB through Medicare # L8020 non-silicone prosthesis

See note from a customer regarding Nova Socia

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