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At janac we produce 3 styles of Sportsbras, the Been-A-Boob® insert and Bra-tank. Used together, these garments offer women a new solution for looking and feeling better about themselves.


*Check your insurance for coverage of all mastectomy wear.
The BEEN-A-BOOB is a breast form, our sportsbras are MASTECTOMY BRAS, our Bra-tanks are MASTECTOMY TOPS.

This is a special garment made for all active women, who have either had breast surgery or have one breast larger than the other. It provides excellent support for breasts of all sizes, while doing moderate exercise. janac launched the original sportsbra "Aggie" and after much success has added two styles; "Dinah" and "Anna".

The special sportsbra pockets were originally used to hold the Been-A-Boob® prosthesis only, but we have found lots of new uses. Ever wonder where to put your gym locker key, money, Kleenex or security pass? Use the existing pockets in the sportsbra to carry what you need!

Who is it for?
The janac sportsbra is for any woman of any size and is targeted for women who have had breast surgery that has resulted in a removed breast or has made the breast uneven in size, and need a prosthesis to provide extra support or cosmetic improvement. The janac sportsbra is so comfortable it can be worn any time. You can wear it while exercising, or while doing other activities such as gardening or housework, or just relaxing.

How does it work?
Regular sportsbras are made for women who have two breasts, so that if you try and put a prosthesis in them it will move around and look out of place. The construction of the janac sportsbra solves this problem. Special pockets for containing a prosthesis are built into the design of the bra. Combined with a prosthesis (we suggest the Been-A-Boob® , which is sold separately) you can have a new lease on life.


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Loraine Sportsbbra

New Product


Loraine Mastectomy Sportsbra  55.00/ea

  • High Front
  • Narrow Racer Back
  • Higher back, neck and arms
  • Colours: Pink flowers , Purple, Black/White Flowers
  • Sizes: S,M,L, XL, 2XL

Aggie Sportsbbra

Aggie Mastectomy Sportsbra  $80.00-97.00/ea

  • Original sportsbra
  • Offers the fullest coverage
  • Higher back, neck and arms
  • Plus sizes available in white only
  • Colours: black, white, pink
Dinah Sportsbra

Dinah Mastectomy Sportsbra  $80.00

  • Lower neckline than Aggie
  • Narrower racer back
  • Narrower under the arm
  • Colours: black, white, pink
  • Sportier look
Anna Sportsbra

Anna Mastectomy Sportsbra   $90.00-108.00/ ea

  • Square neckline
  • Racer back
  • Features zipper opening in front
  • Back of zipper is covered to protect the skin
  • Colours: black, white

Sue Sportsbra

Sue Mastectomy Sportsbra   $90.00-$108.00/ ea

  • Features zipper opening in front
  • Seams are flat stitched on the back so no side seams
  • Back of zipper is covered to protect the skin
  • Colours: black and white

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