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Medebra is a support garment that is designed to fit the needs of those who have had surgeries such as Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Augmentation, Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, and Chest Surgery (General Thoracic). The Medebra features adjustable Velcro shoulder straps, constructed of cotton and Lycra spandex with a front Velcro closure. The tank style back promotes maximum support and stability with comfort front and racer back design.

Medebra/Medebra Mastectomy KITs:"The Multi-Purpose Post-Surgical Bra/Vest"; is now officially patented and will soon be available to all.

Medebra/Medebra Mastectomy Kits is a patented, innovative, multi-purpose post-surgical bra/vest and Mastectomy Kit soon to be available all across the world, crossing over to retail.

Tried and true

Medebra's products are being used by Cleveland Clinic, Silvester Cancer Centers, MD Anderson, Boca Raton Regional, Florida, Broward Health,OSMC/The James Cancer Center, Ohio Wellington Medical, UHS, Wellington Medical, Memorial Health , Baptist ,VA Miami. Drugstore.com and Walgreens.com are currently in negotiations through Quest products. Davita and Fresenious have reviewed Medebras for their Dialysis patients having chest catheters, finding value and suggesting implementation when chest catheters are placed.

Lastly, financial backing has been approved. They have chosen to support Medebra as a great go-to market solution and a humanitarian change that needed to be made for all.

Person to Person:

Dr. Joseph Lucci III , Professor & Director of Gynecology and Oncology; the Associate Chair of Education at Silvester Cancer Center in Miami, Florida has requested Medebra for all his patients that have Chest Ports for treatment of Chemotherapy.

Dr. Nicholas Tranakas, Director of the Cancer Center at Broward Health Florida, has chosen Medebra/Medebra Mastectomy kits as his post-surgery garments of choice; as well as many other clinicians in the Broward Health Family.

Dr .Robert Donoway; past Director of the Memorial Cancer Center in Hollywood Florida, endorses Medebra.

Dr. Corrine Becker Plastic Micro Surgeon (France) pioneering the new life changing FDA approved Lymph Node Transfer procedure is endorsing Medebras/Medebra Mastectomy Kits as her garments of choice as she teaches other procedures across the country and around the world.

The new Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi is reaching to bring Medebra to the Clinic.

International Placement has just come on line in Japan


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Been-a-BoobŪ Cover

Medebra- The Medebra Surgical Compression Garment  $85.00/ea


This Cotton compression bra features adjustable Velcro shoulder straps, constructed of cotton and Lycra spandex with front Velcro closure. Tank style back promotes maximum support and stability with confront raiser back design.

Offers the soft support and compression patients need immediately following breast surgery. Soft, breathable fabric stretches to accommodate edema without binding or irritating sensitive tissue. A front Velcro-type closure facilitates inspection of the surgical site and dressing changes.

The bra has an easy access lift up special design strap that accommodates the port, chest catheters eliminating friction. The adjustable straps are designed for people of all shapes and sizes with no seams for the patient to lie on; giving better comfort and dignity. The support material is 97% cotton/Lycra and not latex. Also, there are no fitters, required!

Available in White

Price- $85.00/each



Angel Wing Bab cover

Medebra Kit  $99.00/ea

The kit Includes:

Medebra Surgical Compression Garment (see details above)

Set of pouches to hold drainage bulbs; easily detached

Set of soft adjustable puffs to be used right after surgery

The puffs are washable, soft and adjustable to your desired size

Available in White

Price - $99



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